vrijdag 22 april 2011

Model poses as a source of inspiration

Normally the articles on this blog are in Dutch, however this time we've got news that certainly deserves a wider audience. It is about the publication of books and a CD on 'the art of posing', called 2000 Poses for models
For you, as a photographer or artist who portrays people, it is important that there is a certain chemistry between you and the model. You have to co-operate closely to achieve a common objective. This could be making anatomic studies as an exercise, experimenting with lighting or the creation of a piece of art that should intrigue the future viewer or buyer. The purpose of working with a model tells what type of pose you ask the model to take. ‘Impossible poses’ could be interesting for a quick anatomic study or can be used in photography, however you cannot expect a model to take such a pose for a long period of time, because you intend to reproduce the pose in a painting or a sculpture.
The profession of an artist’s or photographer’s model is often underestimated. It is not just a matter of standing, sitting or laying down. From the model it requires a lot of concentration and control over the body. Especially for art models, who should be able to keep a pose for a long period, cramp or twinkling, caused by a hindered blood flow are a thread. Experienced models know how to deal with this and what their limits are, but to starting models this is a problem. It is evident that a pose should inspire you as a photographer or artist in creating an image that will have an emotional impact on persons who will see the final piece of art as well.
How do you get to a different pose every time?
Practice shows that many artists, photographers and models have a difficulty in continuously inventing inspiring poses. Poses that also meet the purpose of the posing session. In co-operation with a highly experienced model Mainport Art Productions have published a series of 6 books and one CD with in total 2000 poses that can be used as a reference. Every pose got an indication whether it is suited for a short, medium or long period.
The books on model poses are available in various forms. One book, printed in black-and-white, has as a sole purpose to provide a reference for a pose. This book includes all 2000 poses. The other books have been printed in full colour and consist of separate editions for standing, sitting, laying and kneeling or squating poses, and a specific edition for starting models. These books contain 250 poses each. The image of the model is bigger in these publications, making it possible to use the photographs as a direct example to draw or paint after. The CD contains, as the black-and-white book, all 2000 poses. E.g the CD will cost only €24,95, which is a minor investment for a professional user. To get an idea you may click
here. The books and CD are published by Mainport Art Productions. For more information use the contact form on this page. In course of 2011 the series will be extended with special editions for working in three dimensions, like sculpturing. And with various male and female models as well.

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