zondag 24 april 2011

Selling art to support reconstruction in Japan

Artist Lynn Matsuoka, married to a Japanese top-division Sumo rikishi, decided to support her Japanese friends and their families suffering from the devastating damage after the recent earthquake and tsunami through her art. Lynn lived in Tokyo for some 37 years, and has been living in New York for three years now. She has a 'presence' in Honolulu, Hawaï. She regularly returns to Japan to make drawings and paintings of Sumo, and Kabuki Theater. She has decided to offer litho and gicle prints, and posters of her fascinating portraits as a gift, and for a limited time, in exchange for a modest contribution, and to donate a considerable part of the revenues to support the reconstruction of houses and livelihoods. These art works can be viewed and ordered through her website www.traditions.jp. She is putting together some key people to organize and manage direct and personal contributions. And a small, trustworthy charitable organization in Tokyo will handle the rest of the contributions.

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